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These articles address the operation and functionalily of the tripleDAT audio recording system. Advise for computer optimization and support as it appies to the PC and the Windows Operating system

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April 1998 - This is issue one. The article contains unformation on what you should know before you begin,
Before you call technical support, Getting Started and Tips for tripleDAT

May 1998 - Issue 2 addresses issues experienced by users such as Overflow detected,
Connecting your tripleBOARD to your studio (simple setup) and tripleDAT tips of the Month

June 1998 - Issue 3 examines a Windows problems as well as Getting Connected with TDAT16 and Tips of the Month

July 1998 - Issue 4 takes a detailed look at Disk Partitions, Cluster and Cluster size, Creating a Partition, Disk Fragmentation and Tips and Tricks

September 1998 - Issue 5 tells a TRUE Story "The Crash!", Tips and tricks for September and CD Burning things to check

October 1998 - Issue 6 looks into the details of Mastering with tripleDAT, Windows 98 as well as more Tips and Tricks.

November 1998 - Issue 7 provides a useful General Working Guide technical data on connecting Tascam, Apogee converter and TDAT16, Tips and Tricks and a new section for DSP Settings

February 1999 - Issue 8 brings attention to the levy being proposed by the Canadian Federal Government and some general PC audio use guides.

April 1999 - issue 9 takes a technical look at Timecode recording and playback in CUBASE VST/24 3.7 using ASIO 2.0

Win9X and Audio - Issue 11 provide details and recommended oprtimizations for PCs running audio software. This resource has been referenced by countless sites since initial publication in 1997. Still considered to be a good source of information.

DSP Settings for WaveWalkers (tripleDAT native real-time effects) contains settings that you can easily implement as presets in your tripleDAT DSP functions.

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