Everyone who has anything to do with the creative process of "audio" has run into the problem of "How am I going to do that with this?" Today's technology and software tools provide great power to the users. Often this power can interfere with your creativeness. We offer solutions to these and other PC based computer audio dilemmas in a variety of ways. We can help you fine tune your computer to do the things that you want by offering you a training course specifically designed for your situation, or we can actually create the production for you. Use this handy form at the end of this page to tell us about yourself and your particular needs.

We support: WIN95/98/2000/XP/VISTA, SAW, tripleDAT, TDAT16, CakeWalk, Sound Forge, Acid, CuBase, Logic, and many hardware peripherals. The list is growing.

We can offer you some real answers to the questions that arise when putting together a computer studio. Let us know what you wish to accomplish with what resources you now have and plan to purchase. We can guide you through the maze of computer components and sales rhetoric to reach a solution that is both practical and affordable. Learn the basics of Windows 9x. Develop positive and productive working habits quickly. Give us the details of your particular situation. What are you trying to accomplish, with what hardware and software? Let us quickly create a learning program based on your "real life" needs. Check in the Services section for CD products available. Contact Us.

**** We do not sell, give away or use your personal information for any other purpose that to contact you. .*****

Audiowerks November 1998