Conroy - DeBrie
Take Me Home
Take me home
A collection of mostly original songs, written from the heart, produced by Dub (some are about Dub!).This mix spans the genres from Gospel to R & B to a Reggae version of Dub’s “None of it Means a Thing” to Jazz to the Etta James standard, “At Last” which Dub DeBrie calls “the definitive version”! Take This Home Today!

Love Me Like A Man1. Love Me Like A Man
None Of It Means A Thing2. None Of It Means A Thing
No Place To Hide3. No Place To Hide
The Rub4. The Rub
Take Me Home5. Take Me Home
Stand Tall6. Stand Tall
Shining Star7. Shining Star
Parkin' Lot Dreams8. Parkin' Lot Dreams
At Last9. At Last
I Dream Of Love10. I Dream Of Love

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