Conroy - DeBrie
Scattered DeBrie
Take me home
Another collection of original compositions of rock, blues & ballads with lyrics to make any girl swoon and any guy can relate to. The musicianship is very much Dub DeBrie meaning EXCELLENT! Don’t leave home without this!!

Please1. Please
Mesilla/Juliet2. Mesilla/Juliet
86 (Dark Between the Stars)3. 86 (Dark Between the Stars)
Long Gone Lullaby4. Long Gone Lullaby
A Green Monkey Dreams About Butterflies5. A Green Monkey Dreams About           Butterflies
Hey Princess6. Hey Princess
The 24th Hour7. The 24th Hour
I Will Find You8. I Will Find You
I Am A Stranger9. I Am A Stranger
Do You Love The Moon Like I Do?10. Do You Love The Moon Like I Do?

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