Conroy - DeBrie
3 Piece Jukebox

This CD was recorded "live" in the studio to bring you the experience of our live performances. The songs chosen were some of our most popular requests. They are "covers," meaning they have been previously recorded, even by us!
We have also included three bonus tracks which were recorded in Conroy-DeBrie's infancy (wait for the ten-second pause at the end of the CD).

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Image1. Ring of Fire
Image2. Into The Mystic
Image3. It Doesn't Matter Anymore
Image4. Bolero Fernando
Image5. Walk On By
Image6. Flowers On The Wall
Image7. Hurt
Image8. The Lonely Bull
Image9. Damn Your Eyes
Image10. Pinball Wizard
Image11. Blue Shadows
Image12. Man Of Constant Sorrow
Image13. Landslide
Image14. None Of It Means A Thing

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